Abigail in the Kitchen

Our eldest has learned a very useful skill the past month: how to make her own sandwich. Her favorite way to enjoy lunch these days involves her pulling the stepstool up to the kitchen counter where she concocts one of her peanut butter and jelly creations. The interesting thing though about Abigail’s sandwiches is that she doesn’t stop with mere peanut butter and jelly. Feeling the need for a little something more between her two slices of bread, she experiments each time with a new ingredient. So far, she’s added various types of crackers, potato chips, chinese noodles and marshmallows (at different times, not together in the same sandwich!!). She wanted to try chocolate chips one day, but I thought that was taking it a bit too far.

I am truly enjoying seeing her creativity at work, and those of you like me, with several young children at home will I’m sure concur with my amazement and delight over her being able to prepare her own lunch every once in a while!!

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  1. Wow. That kind of adventurous eating is unheard of at Casa Jonsson.

    Now, bananas are actually good between peanut butter and jelly…

  2. Grandy used to eat cheese and jelly sandwiches when we first got married, so maybe Abigail should try a slice of cheese between her PB&J.

  3. Hey Guys, thanks for hanging in there with the long blog hiatus, and for posting comments to boot!
    Sandy, the latest version was animal crackers and potato chips, together between the slices!
    Angie, I think your Cheetos suggestion would win first place with Abigail – she’s big on the crunch factor.
    Nils, sadly, Abigail is not a fan of bananas. But i agree with you about pnut butter and bananas going together. Even better when you put some marshmallow fluff in there!
    Grammy Ruth, I will definitely suggest the cheese slice, and I think Abigail might enjoy that idea too!

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