A Son Is Given, Part 3

Abigail, Nicolas, and Jonathan (left to right)We are home from the hospital. Everything is going very well so far. Tricia is recovering quickly and is thrilled to have had a successful VBAC (if you have to ask, you may not want to know). Right now, all four of them are taking naps.

For myself, I have taken a small step of tremendous significance to me. When Abigail was born 3.5 years ago, my reading habit was annihilated. Totally gone. For three years I struggled to get it back, and in 2002 it finally returned. I’ve been worried that the birth of Nicolas would once again force me to start from scratch. Thus, I took NT Wright’s The New Testament and the People of God with me to the hospital in the hopes of reading just enough of it to maintain some continuity with my developing habit. I am thankful to say that I read through 50 pages of it (some of those pages were read 4 or 5 times since I had a bit of trouble staying awake).

I love to read, but it takes a certain discipline to quiet oneself to really enjoy a good book. Family life that involves heavy church involvement has the unfortunate consequence (at least for me) of dividing my focus such that it is a real struggle to slow down and read substatively. I’ve also noticed that my scripture reading suffers if I’m not reading in general. So far, it looks like I’m keeping the bit of progress I had made earlier this year.

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