National De-Lurking Week

This year I am getting started right at the beginning of National De-Lurking Week, so……..

It’s easy!! Just tap the little comments button, and say hello, please!! Whether you are brand new to our site, or have been visiting every single day for the past six years, humor a lady who is shut in the house taking care of sick people (yes, AGAIN, why else do you think I picked the grumpy De-Lurking button, hmmmmm???) and de-lurk!!

Thanks, Everyone! And a very Happy De-Lurking Week to you and yours!!

18 Replies to “National De-Lurking Week”

  1. Okay, I have ‘delurked’. I pray that all the illness will go away very soon (and not return!!) so you can press the ‘happy’ button!

  2. Helloooooo, Horne family! I don’t know if this can be considered “de-lurking”, since I’m one of the most prolific commenters on this site (to say nothing of life in general), but there you have it.

    Also, happy birthday, Abigail! Now I have to go post on the Jonathan entry to get caught up on my blogwishing…

  3. hello there! I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about the Horne family adventures, even though I never post on it. While James showed me how easy it is to read blogs using the Google reader, I still only subscribe to three. You are, of course, one of those privileged three. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  4. I’m catching up. That’s a gorgeous photo of the family in white. White doesn’t go well with our family, though maybe if we ate white food all day…

    And the rug is beautiful! I love for rugs. They’re pretty good for curtains, too!

  5. I lurk here too about once a week!

    It was so great spending time with you all last week. Thanks so much for having us…love y’all.

  6. Hi, Tricia! My first time here — followed a link from Long Way From the Theta House. I know you from NsP. See you around! 🙂

  7. Ok, so I’m a bit past Delurking Week, but I still had to chime in. I have been enjoying your blogs for quite a while. Thanks

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