Happy Birthday, Jonathan!!

In keeping with birthday tradition, Jonathan enjoyed the breakfast of his choice this morning. Here he is with his pancakes and bacon (and doing his best “Home Alone” face).

It was especially fun to have Uncle Andrew and Cousin Isaac here today for breakfast too! Happy eight years, Jonathan!!

6 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Jonathan!!”

  1. Haha, not quite! I took this photo while his birthday pancake was on the griddle…it was as large as his plate! He was very impressed with it. And promptly polished it, plus five normal sized ones off. As well as 2 pieces of bacon. Hearty appetite, that boy has!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jonathan! And Nana asked the question that first entered my mind when I saw the picture! Tricia, I’m relieved with your answer. I would hate for Jonathan to have a tummy ache on his birthday!

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