Nana’s Pot Roast

As soon as I returned home after giving birth to Abigail, my mother arrived in town to stay with us for a few days. She was a great help and comfort to us: she cooked, cleaned, did whatever needed doing for us two sleep-deprived new parents — one of whom (you’ll have to guess which) was suffering from the agony of a broken tailbone — who were dealing with a tongue-tied, jaundiced baby, that had serious challenges learning to nurse. Yes, it was a glorious time! (Actually it was wonderful in so many ways, and yet, like many things that enrich our feeble existence, it was challenging too!).

One of the meals I remember Mom cooking for us was her delicious pot roast. Today I put the same pot roast into my crock pot, to hopefully be ready for supper tonight after we return from two basketball games. I’d like to share her recipe with you here – the secret ingredient according to Jay is that horseradish. I think next time I cook this I will add double the amount called for here. What do you think, Mom?? Please chime in if I’ve omitted anything important!

Pot Roast

1 4-5 lb roast, either chuck or rump (I used the rump since it was the same price as chuck)

5-ish small-medium sized potatoes, washed, cut into large chunks

1-ish cup of baby carrots

1 large onion, cut into large chunks

5-6 cloves of garlic, peeled and halved

2 Tbs oil

1 5.5oz jar refrigerated horseradish (You can use more, it gives a subtle flavor in this amount)

1-ish cup red wine

salt/pepper to taste

parsley or other spices to taste

Heat oil in skillet large enough to hold just the meat.

Rub that roast with about half the jar of horseradish, salt and pepper to taste. Brown roast in oil, till crusty and browned on the edges. While it browns, prepare your vegetables.

In bottom of large crockpot, place carrots, potatoes, onion and garlic.

Remove roast from pan, cut into smaller pieces if needed in order to fit into crockpot. Place roast atop vegetables.

Pour cup of wine over all. Rub remainder of horseradish atop meat, add salt, pepper or any other spices ( I like parsley) to taste.

Cook in crock on high for at least two hours, reduce heat to low and cook up to 8 hours more. If you like, serve meat and vegetables with juices.

I prefer to add some flour and Kitchen Bouquet into your crockpot or a saucepan, and whisk the juices into a lovely gravy.

Enjoy with a glass of red wine and a fresh salad!

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  1. That does sound good. I wasn’t familiar with Kitchen Bouquet, so I did a quick search and found an article that described it as a “browning agent”, along with this informative tidbit:

    Kitchen Bouquet is made by the Clorox company in Oakland, California.

    So whether you’re trying to add brown or remove it, they’ve got you covered!

  2. Hi Tricia, I wanted to tell you we had this for dinner last night (and the boys had it again tonight) and it was very good! I got lots of compliments from my family on the yummy dinner.

    I hope your back is feeling better.

  3. Thanks, Nana for the affirmation.

    Pete, I always learn something from you.

    Missy, totally! And I mean it: next time, DOUBLE the horseradish!

    Leslie, I’m so glad you liked it – saw your note on your blog! Thanks!

  4. Hi. This comment has nothing to do with the pot roast, and you don’t even know me, but I wanted to share with you how amazing it is that God led me to you this morning! I was searching for ideas for a baby shower devotional online, and my first search result led me to this blog. How surprised I was to see that you attend New St. Peter’s! We are missionaries in Mexico with PCPC, and have many friends from your church (Rhea’s, Biesels, Stockers)!!
    Thank you for posting that devo. entry five years ago…I want to meditate on those verses and think about what the Lord would have me say to my new friend Emma at her baby shower this Saturday here in Monterrey.
    Isn’t God amazing???

  5. Tricia, do you use real red wine or cooking wine? If real red, could you recommend one? Sprouts has pot roasts on sale this week and I bought one so I’m going to try to make this. And where do I look for that horseradish if it’s refrigerated – by the fish?

    Too cool about the previous entry from Aimee. The Dunns are good friends of ours.

  6. Hey Melissa! Real red wine. We usually keep a box of Black Box Red on hand in the pantry. It’s a cabernet. Sams carries it for a really great price, and it stays fresh the way they package it. Boxed wines have come a LONG way!!

    Horseradish refrigerated is near the other cheeses like grated parmesan, feta, and blue usually. In the fridge section also near refrigerated pastas and sauces sold by brands like Bertolli. I know in our Kroger it’s on that back wall of the store to the left of the grated cheese, very near all the Bertolli products. At sprouts it might be in the front section near the fresh mozarella, to the right of the deli OR on that far back left corner section of refrigerated goods. Does that help??

    No way on the Dunns…what a small world! I would like to meet them someday! That shower devotional entry has gotten the most encouraging feedback, I am so thankful!

  7. Thanks Tricia. Your comments are so helpful – very detailed! Funny I just saw a segment on wines on TV when I was working out the other day and they mentioned that boxed wines last 3 months. Thanks also for the tip on getting it at Sam’s. You’re the best!

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