Little Glitch

Well, readers, I had it all planned for you – my latest cleaning conquest to encourage you in your own Cleanout efforts. My “before” pictures were done, and I had an entry written in my head more or less. And then…my back went out. (Again, not that you need to know.) The truth is, I’ve been having pretty chronic lower back pain on and off for several weeks now, but it would appear that my cleaning frenzy has done nothing to help matters; if anything I am worse. Absolutely shocking, I know.

Given my current state – inability to bend down, lean over, or do pretty much anything a SAHM worth her salt should be able to do, it’s been less than a productive day. All I can do is grunt loudly and gesture wildly at objects for the children to pick up and put away. This didn’t seem a good system use while executing on a major cleanup project, so I am truly sorry to say….

I got nothin’ for ya. So sorry, faithful readers.

However, I will share with you that after Jonathan’s basketball practice, the kids and I managed a drive-by ogling at George and Laura’s new digs. It will probably surprise all of you to learn they did not choose our lovely ‘hood as their future residence – too bad, I’d have brought over my famous bundt cake to welcome them and everything.

Well, I truly hope that some of you have accomplished more in your homes than I did in my own today. Remember, I will be drawing a winner (completely at random) on Monday. So finish up those cleanouts, and leave me a comment so you have a chance at that giveaway!!

4 Replies to “Little Glitch”

  1. OH! I’m so sorry about your back! That must be terrible!
    How exciting to have George and Laura living in Dallas…maybe you’ll run into them at Kroger 🙂

  2. That’s okay, sweetness. We are all inspired and encouraged by your clean-up posts. You have lots going on.
    We miss you and love you. And we are constantly praying for you. 🙂

  3. Yikes, Tricia, I’m so sorry to hear about your back! Well, it sounds like you deserved a break, anyway — all the hard work you’ve done.

    OK, so I am entering your contest. Unfortunately I have no pictures to post b/c cleaning out my garage seems outside the scope of my blog (does that sound like a cop-out?), but I promise that it was quite unmanageable before — no room to walk! — and now it has risen to the level of simply cluttered.

    Other areas of my house are mildly improved this week — John’s closet, and I also dealt with a pile of papers, including one which wanted a response by Oct. 30 — but the garage is probably the only one that’s enough improved to qualify. Thanks for the motivation, Tricia!

  4. Ack. I’m sorry to hear that things are going worse on the back front (puns free with purchase on weekends). Let me know if you find a good back doctor type; I’m sure I’ll need one someday when I least expect it.

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