My First Haircut

Daddy decided it was high time I stop looking so shaggedy around the ears, so a couple weekends ago he got out that scary Flobee toy (you must check out the pictures of the funny-looking grown-ups vacuuming off their hair on this site) of his and told me he was going to cut my hair. For my “before” shot he made me stand in front of this very red wall, so you can’t really see my sort of reddish hair too well, but ok, here is my “before” pic anyway:


Really, I don’t see what the fuss about a few sweet curls at my neck is all about, but hey, he’s the big guy so I went along with it.


I sat nice and still during the entire procedure despite being scared for my life – here is a shot of me praying that the Flobee monster won’t eat me:


And here is what I looked like afterward:


Still cute, eh??


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  1. Yeah –another flo bee user. Uncle Bill has been using a flo bee for 15 years- David called us when he moved away & asked what he needed to do to get a haircut ! Good lookin Josiah

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