I am back…

Hello Readers. Needing inspiration for future writing, I went and took a little sabbatical of sorts. That is, if you count contracting the nastiest version of the flu I think I have had in all my 28 years of life a sabbatical. Heh. Just seeing if you are paying attention.

I used to joke about getting the flu so I could lay in bed and have a break from the craziness that is often life around here. How ashamed I am of myself. What an absolutely stupid thing to say. And while I also talked earlier in the year about hoping to lose a couple pounds, I am here to tell you that you do NOT want to lose 5 pounds in 2 days the way I did last week. Ugh, what an awful time.

Thankfully, my hero of a husband (trust me, he is really a great guy even if he does seem to be filling this blog up with posts about rodents) kept the four children alive and fed, even clean! tended beautifully to his very sick wife, and somehow managed to do about 87 loads of laundry while I was clinging to life by a thread back in the master bedroom.

I am back today to tell you that the mundane things of life like laundry, dishes, carpool, changing poopie diapers…all of these sound incredibly fun after one has spent several days in a fog of fever, vomiting, and unrelenting pain. Not that I am totally back to doing all this on my own quite yet. I have had a sweet little angel named Grammy Ruth come to visit each day this week as we try to get ourselves back in the groove. She’s been a lifesaver.

Life after the flu: it is a little sweeter. Exhausting, but it’s definitely good to be back. And after I finally got past the initial challenge of forcing myself to swallow something, anything to try and get myself vertical again, it is pretty nice now to feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever about consuming anything in the world I want to eat. Well, until I get those five pounds back. Gotta keep up my strength, after all.

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  1. He did laundry? WOW. Walker is great in all other things but…I think he had moved clothes from the washer to the dryer exactly twice in our marriage.

    Glad you are back in the land of the living!

  2. Wow, I’d forgotten the dating mantra of “Jay is wonderful”. What a relief to know it’s still true!

    Welcome back to the land of the living. I lost five pounds last week myself, though I did it over four days… yay for mundanity!

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