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Given my life is about to become a whole lot busier with the start of school and all the activities and appointments that go along with that, I have broken down and purchased a MomAgenda planner. I eyed these last year, and ended up passing them by with a little sigh, but with a little more spending money in my monthly budget!  Now that I have ongoing “school” commitments for three out of four children, (I am involved with a small preschool co-op for Nicolas this year), and have a host of little people’s schedules to maintain as well as my own, I think it will be an invaluable tool.

MomAgenda is a dayplanner designed especially for busy mommies: not only are there spaces to plan out and track your activities for each day, but additional sections for each of up to four children’s schedules (tailor-made for our family!). It allows you to view the family’s week all together, at a glance. There are differently-sized planners available depending on your needs/wants. While online and virtual shopping for my planner, I was pleased to see that MomAgenda has some new features:

* A less expensive version covered in a durable, patterned plastic cover instead of the more expensive silk shantung – the plastic covered planner is half the price of the silk.

* Free printables on the MomAgenda site for you to try out the planner pages and see if they work for you.

One more note: the prices on the website are slightly higher than the places I visited here in Dallas. Check out their store listings before buying online if you have a place near to you that carries the MomAgendas.

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  1. I looked at these planners too. I passed it by and decided to stick with my handy-dandy dollar store planner. But I thought I would mention that I saw them at a number of places with all the back-to-school sales, so I second your recommendation to check out prices in brick and mortar stores near you to get the best one.

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