That, my dear readers, is the sound of Jay and I cheering for Aunt Sandra, who this evening, after a long day of work, welcomed our four lively children into her apartment and watched over them for two hours so Jay and I could go out on our first date in over four months. In fact, we are so tickled that it bears repeating…”HOORAY!!”

We took advantage of Dallas’ Restaurant Week to dine at Hector’s on Henderson– a restaurant written up as having “the warmest welcome in town” ……and within a few moments of being seated, met Hector himself. He is a most gracious host who obviously takes a keen interest in attention to detail in all aspects of his restaurant’s business. In the two hours we dined, we saw him greet and visit with numerous guests, oversee the meticulous setting of tables, serve patrons, bus tables with his employees, and all with a smile. If there is one thing Hector’s does right, it is service. Everyone we encountered went out of their way to see to our enjoyment of the evening, and enjoy it we did. From the beautiful classical guitar music played by yet another personable fellow who also visited us at our table, to the delicious and “fun” menu items such as”Fried Green Tomatoes”, “Lamb Chop Lollipops”, and ” Candied Apple Creme Brulee”. This is definitely an upscale restaurant with a relaxed and casual feel. Where the folks in charge make the guests feel like they are welcomed friends come to dine for the evening. Even during Restaurant Week, which can be quite chaotic at many eateries around town.

Yes, this was a great night. So fun for us parents of four to do something out of the ordinary (for us). If you have a little time and are looking for some great food, wonderful live music to dine by, and the friendliest restaurant folk in town, head on over to Hector’s…

And by the way, Sandra……thanks again!

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  1. Yay! Nice description; maybe we’ll try Hector’s if we ever get out again!

    I’d also like to note that whilst getting ready, Tricia and Jay had to deal with ME showing up to take possession of our dog who had been staying with the Hornes for the past few days; way to cram it all in, and thank you again for so kindly providing a room for Daisy!

  2. Hey Tricia! I had to visit you after you made a visit to me. I am so glad you guys got to go out! Wow – four months – I’ll thank Aunt Sandra for you too!
    Anyway, glad to be reaquainted with the Hornes – Take care! Give hellos from Peru to all your family.

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