Memorable Holiday Quotes

Here are a small collection of quotes by both Abigail and Jonathan which we thought were humorous enough to merit sharing with a larger audience:

Abigail, while helping Mommy put the turkey in the oven for holiday supper:
“But Mommy, I want to see the turkey’s face!!”

Jonathan, exhorting Mommy with words from Romans 12:
“Do not be overcome by evil!”

Abigail, giving us some help with our family planning:
“Daddy, next time you and Mommy get married, I’d like a baby sister!”

Jonathan, greeting Mommy first thing in the morning (keep in mind he’s only just two years old):
“Good morning, Mommy! You sleep well?”

Abigail, after interrogating her Uncle Andy about his ex-girlfriend:
Abigail: “But isn’t Miss Candice ever coming back? And aren’t you and Miss Candice going to make a baby together?”
Andy: “Abigail, understand this, Miss Candice and I will never, never, never, never, never, NEVER make a baby together!”
Abigail: “But why not? Isn’t it fun?”

Okay, we have no idea where that last one came from. Nor are we completely certain how she came to correlate marriage and babies in such a tight, one-to-one relationship.

5 Replies to “Memorable Holiday Quotes”

  1. Children say funny things, don’t they? My daughter (4 year old) one day look at our family portrait before we had her, and ask.

    Megan: Why I am not in the picture?
    My wife: You are not born yet. You are still in mommy tummy.
    Megan: No, No, No, parent don’t eat their children.

    We thought about it for a second then rolled around and laughed.


  2. That conversation between Abigail and myself is very much truncated. The real one lasted most of ten minutes, and was the second of three times she brought up the subject. What are they teaching her in that pre-school anyway, Trish?

  3. I think Abigail correlates marriage and babies so closely because she knows no one (or very few if any) babies whose parents aren’t married. Calvin (being a seasoned first grader, now) has only recently started to understand that children don’t have to have 2 parents. I think it is great for little ones to have this perspective for as long as they can! Of course, I don’t know why Abigail felt the need to interrogate her uncle for 10 minutes about his love life?

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