Jonathan’s Twinkin

Warning: blog content of a questionable nature follows!

Abigail and Jonathan love watching Barney’s Great Adventure. We’ve rented it from Blockbuster a couple times, and they will sit and watch it basically as much as we will allow. For those of you who don’t know, the plot revolves around recovering a magic egg which finally hatches at the end of the movie to introduce a new character, Twinkin. I’ve never actually lasted long enough in my viewings of the movie with the children to see the hatching for myself, but Tricia tells me that a fuzzy little character named Twinkin does indeed come out of the egg.

The other day Jonathan (who just turned two) was sitting down in his towel, having just gotten out of the bath. Tricia and I were in the room getting ready to dress him and Abigail (also just out of the bath). Okay, this next part is, ahem, delicate. He was showing keen interest in a particular part of his body and was apparently pushing and prodding things because he suddenly looked up and said, “My Twinkin! Twinkin out of egg!”

I’ll end this entry here. How can I follow up on such a pronouncement?

3 Replies to “Jonathan’s Twinkin”

  1. Just say “yeah, that’s great, son” and don’t worry about it. He’ll find something else to entertain himself soon enough.

  2. I’m not sure the producers of Barney ever knew what they might be inciting in young 2 year old lads… Jonathan is now the producer of his OWN Twinkin.

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