Kitchen Fire!!

What do you suppose happens when on a totally innocent whim, the lady of the house puts an ordinary bag of tortilla chips:


into the microwave to warm them up before serving them to her family??

What happens at House of Horne is that you get Chips (and Bag!) Flambee (shout out to our good buddy Dave!)

Here is what it looks like after you stamp out the impressive-looking flames and douse the still-glowing embers:


Unfortunately, I cannot properly share with you the incredible smell that is created from such an occurrence happening in your very own microwave. You will just have to take my word for it: it is hideous!

Next time I’d like warm chips with our fajita supper, I will carefully place all chips into a microwave safe bowl before heating.

‘Nuff said.

3 Replies to “Kitchen Fire!!”

  1. Mom, the microwave seems no worse for the fire.

    Pete, yes, possibly. I have put MANY a package of chips in to warm them, in the tradition of Chilis. Guess I’ve learned my lesson!

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