From ix to iv

Though Jonathan read his first word at age 3, three years later he’s never shown much interest in reading novels. Until yesterday. After church, Abigail gave him Stuart Little (which she had just finished reading yet again), and for some reason Jonathan decided to read it.

Last night, as I was tucking the boys into bed, he asked if he could finish the chapter he was reading. Intrigued, I looked over his shoulder to see how far he’d read, and was startled to see he was just finishing up chapter 8. As a side note, he’d read through another 5 chapters before I left for work this morning… he’s really enjoying that book! But here’s the “Jonathan” moment we had last night. The dialog went something like this.

Dad: Wow, Jonathan, you’ve read a lot. You’re all the way to chapter 9.

Jonathan: How do you know that’s chapter 9?

Dad: See the IX in front of the chapter title? That’s Roman numeral 9.

Jonathan: What’s a Roman numeral?

Dad: Remember the Romans? They had a different way to write the numbers than we do.

Jonathan: <pause> Like the Star Wars episodes? They use Roman numerals.

2 Replies to “From ix to iv”

  1. Heehee… it’s times like this that remind me that we don’t spend nearly enough time with our Horne brethren.

    Observant little guy, isn’t he?

  2. You’ve got one smart little man there. You’re going to have to be on your toes to stay ahead of him! Love the stories you’ve posted about him.

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