Home again, home again…sicketty-sick

Do you get tired of hearing about our ailments here at House of Horne? Because we admit to being tired of experiencing them. This second bout ended just Saturday last, and we’ve enjoyed an almost full week of health. After canceling weekend plans twice in three weeks with first some family who were coming to visit, and then some out of town friends whom we haven’t seen in four years, we were all excited about a road trip to Austin to see my paternal Grandmother and her sister, my parents, and these guys. To this end we packed up the six of us and bathed the doggie (sounds fast and easy but you mothers of many children know what a production it is to pack and plan for a weekend away for all these people!) and headed to Jay’s parents’ to drop Sid before getting on the road to Austin.

On the way over, Nicolas began complaining of a sore tummy. We did not think much of it but he assured us he was quite serious, so we handed him a plastic bag for the remainder of the drive. Hoping a potty trip would soon put everything to rights, we rung Grammy and Grandy’s doorbell. However, before they could answer, all thoughts of a potty vanished as our boy began tossing his cookies – kudos to Jay who responded with cat-like reflexes and at least aimed little Nicolas away from the direction of their front door. Our poor boy was quite ill, but endured it very bravely…and told us as much afterward!

I knew the second he began throwing up that our weekend plans had changed, and honestly, the disappointment was quite keen. All of us (especially Nicolas!) are quite saddened by the return of illness to our home. We had so been looking foward to our trip, especially after all our other attempts at socializing have been rather violently thwarted.

Well, I wish I had some neat and tidy way to wrap this up, but I don’t, not today. Rotavirus the third time around is just anything but neat and tidy. So I will leave you with two thoughts: 1) Do not plan on any fun-filled get-togethers with the Hornes this spring. We’ll call you when we are rid of the plague!! and 2) I promise that next time I write I will try and have something more positive to share!

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    Seriously, I hope Nicolas recovers quickly and that no one else falls victim to this current bug’s “cookie-tossingness”….
    ::shakes head::

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