It’s Been More Than a Month Since I Posted…

Whew! What a whirlwind it’s been around here at House of Horne.

The kids and I arrived home earlier this week after two full weeks away. We stayed with first Jay’s folks, then my parents while work was being done in our home. Thanks to all our parents/grandparents for their hospitality to us!!

While we were gone, some wonderful new wood floors were laid in the three secondary bedrooms. We are SO thankful for these new floors, as we have waited for them for a long time. I’ll post more on that another day.

Ripping out carpet and installing new flooring meant that everything…and I do mean everything in these three bedrooms (including closets) had to be relocated to other areas of the house. Now, if you are a very neat, tidy, and organized person, perhaps the entire contents of three children’s bedrooms and closets can be nicely arranged in another part of your house while such work is going on without much disruption to your regular life. If you are like me, well…not so much.

A few weekends ago we had some very kind siblings help us move and heft furniture and junk out of the rooms. Thanks, Guys for all your help and heavy lifting!

After all the furniture was situated in other parts of the house, there was very little space left to “live in”. I wish I had thought to take some photos of the beds, desks, dressers, and bookshelves all piled up in the middle of the living room. Wow, it was quite something to behold.  Something of a mess!

When we returned home on Monday we were greeted with beautiful new floors in the bedrooms. But the view upon stepping into our front entry wasn’t quite as inviting:

And our dining room has definitely looked more gracious than it did that day:

In the front living area, clothes from all our kids’ closets adorned a couch

and various miscellaneous items graced our boys’ dresser which we stuck in the middle of the little room.

After three evenings of hard work, the beds and desks are all back in the bedrooms. Curtains have been washed and rehung, all the bed skirts and quilts and stuffed animals, etc have been laundered (because you might as well do your spring cleaning while everything else is in such a mess, right?) All in all, the larger living area is much more “live”-able!! (just believe me when I tell you that this is a vast improvement over what it looked like on Monday evening.)

The other thing that greeted us upon returning home was our pediatrician’s diagnosis that all four of our children have strep throat.  I am so sorry for their pain, but I am viewing this bit of news as a providence. Their illness has meant that they have little energy for much more than sitting around in their jammies watching television and taking naps. They don’t even want to eat much at all, poor things. Though they do tell me that they think their medicine is most tasty!

So, schoolwork and all that goes along with that, plus our regular slate of extracurricular activities were taken off my plate for most of this week. This allowed me to focus on trying to get our house returned to some semblance of normal…and of course add the job of painting all three of those closets which are still empty save some pretty new floors. I tackled one yesterday, and will work on the other two in a little bit here. Here is a peek into the first one….

When I return (which hopefully will not be another full month from now) I hope to have before and after photos of the bedrooms to show you. For now though, I must jet up to the Sherwin Williams store, and grab a bit more “Baize Green” to do some touch-up in that closet!

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