Deja Vu Around Here


The faces have changed, but it’s pretty much the same story – although poor Josiah seems to have the worst case yet – it was another very long night.

Though we hate for it to drag on, I think it was considerate of the kids to take shifts being ill – this way we always have enough couches for the sick ones. Nicolas is NOT ill, just keeping his sick sibs company like the good brother that he is. Nonstop Noggin is also a big draw, I’m thinking.

And yes, in case you noticed, those ARE my Christmas wreaths still up on my French Doors. What of it??

4 Replies to “Deja Vu Around Here”

  1. No rest for the weary. Sorry that sickness has not left you completely yet. We’ll be praying for speedy recoveries all around and no sickness for a long, long time.

  2. Jennifer, Mom, thanks – we appreciate it!

    Missy, thanks for assuaging my guilt. Just think, if we keep this stuff up till Thanksgiving weekend, how much extra work we could save ourselves??

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