Asymmetric Warfare Revisited

Perhaps I misunderstood the nature of my enemy. Turns out the warfare is a bit more symmetric than I had thought. That picture did not represent the war won as I had hoped, but merely a successful battle. For what it’s worth, I’ve won two more battles in the past couple days. Strangely, with each victory I feel more and more like I’m losing.

2 Replies to “Asymmetric Warfare Revisited”

  1. Over the years we have tried them all – live, glue, snap, poison, multi-live (caught 4 with one trap in one night).

    But NOTHING has come anywhere close to the no-mess and “humaneness” of this:

    We absolutely swear by it. It last for years with one set of batteries, sometimes killing even when there is no peanut butter left inside for bait. You just need to remember to check it every day.

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