Culinary Treat

I commented earlier on all the wonderful help we have received since our car accident and especially as we recover from injuries sustained. Last evening we enjoyed a unique and sweet expression of care from one of Jay’s co-workers whose wife evidently is a phenomenal Vietnamese cook.

Jay’s friend at work told him yesterday morning that in light of what had happened with the wreck, they wanted to do something for us and that if Jay was willing to drop by their house on the way home, his wife would have freshly made egg rolls waiting for him to take home to all of us for supper. Wow! As promised, Jay arrived here a little after 6pm with a huge pan of crispy, just-cooked egg rolls which we proceeded to dig into heartily. They were SO DELICIOUS! What a fantastic treat. Even the kids (well, two of them) enjoyed this meal, and we had fun using all different sorts of dipping sauces to eat our egg rolls. We had our fill, and there were even some left-overs to enjoy at a later time.

We continue to be truly touched by all the different outpourings of care and help we receive from so many different people.

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  1. I just arrived from the Bredenbergs’ site. Sounds like the Horne family has been going through quite a number of ordeals. I hope no one recently prayed for patience in your house; God has a way of answering those prayers.

    It seems there has been a good bit of support from friends and family. Living in CT, there is not much I can do directly, but I can definitely pray. It’s good that God is not limited by time or distance.

    Well, one definite bright side is that y’all got to have some delicious Vietnamese spring rolls. I know I’ve said I’d do anything for some good VN food, but I think you take the cake!

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