10th Anniversary Road Trip

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we headed to San Antonio for 3 whole days and nights of relaxation and hanging about together. It was wonderful. We traded in some of Jay’s airline miles for a completely free hotel stay (if you don’t count the parking fees!) at the Marriott, which is probably one of the very best locations available on the RiverWalk. On top of the free lodging and breakfasts, they upgraded us to a riverview room so we had this great view from our balcony:


We could walk to pretty much everything we wanted to see within the downtown area, and so walk we did. We enjoyed the lovely paths along the riverwalk (can you find the bird in the picture?),


took in La Villita and some local art, the pretty homes in the King William Historic District, and the original Pioneer Flour Factory and Guenther House. We spent lots of time in old and new bookstores and came home with some lovely treasures for the kids, including 2 beautifully illustrated, like-new volumes of poetry I got for a song at a used bookstore (I’ve recently gotten into children’s poetry, more on that in another entry). Saw a movie, shopped together at our leisure, read a ton, ate whatever we wanted, slept late everyday, and just had a fantastic time.

One highlight of our trip that we have to share with you is our discovery of an amazing little Greek restaurant, Mina and Dimi’s. It has got to be one of the very coolest places we have ever eaten. To say it is unassuming from the outside is an understatement; indeed, we were hesitant to venture inside due to its location in a rather rundown-looking strip mall area.

But once inside, the atmosphere is just amazing and it gets 5 stars from us all around. We were immediately greeted by the sound of Mediterranean music, and the entertainment of a belly dancer. No joke. The waitstaff is among the most friendly we’ve encountered anywhere we’ve been, extremely attentive and helpful, and the food, while quite reasonably-priced, is absolutely divine. We enjoyed Flaming Saganaki, Dolmades, Kalamarakia, and shared the Rack of Lamb. We even sampled a new wine to us, Kouros Patras, which we enjoyed very much, and will try and find locally. If you ever find yourself in San Antonio, you MUST try this amazing little piece of Greece tucked into the northwest side of the city. Here we are enjoying ourselves there:


All in all, it was a great trip and we are so grateful we could enjoy a few days away. What a blessing to be able to celebrate 10 years of marriage together. Many, many thanks to our terrific, and very capable babysitters who cared lovingly for our sweet children while we were away.

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  1. You guys really do look truly happy. I’m glad for you to have this blessed time together. Congratulations on ten. We used to joke in small group when you all were engaged and “Tricia” was still an abstract thought far away, that Jay badly needs this “Tricia” whatever she is. From the smile, I think he did and I’m glad he found her!

    BTW, I’ve always wanted to stay at that very Marriott. It is such a great looking structure and space at a prime location. You’ve confirmed for me it would indeed be a good place to celebrate one of our future anniversaries.

  2. I still remember your courting days when Jay would play Joe Montana Sports Talk Football with me on Sega Genesis. I owned you then, and I own you now, Jay.

    But seriously, congrats on ten years of a healthy and strong marriage. It’s very encouraging for young married’s (such as Jamison and myself) to see how your lives and relationship have been so richly blessed.

  3. Hey Everyone,
    Thanks for all the lovely comments, encouraging words, and anniversary wishes. We truly appreciate them.

    Greg, I have to say we thought of you and Christine while we were at Mina and Dimi’s and wish we could take you there sometime. We have a feeling you two would love it!

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