Mantel Decor Through the Eyes of a 4 Year-Old

One evening last week while preparing supper I noticed Abigail had pulled our kitchen step stool up in front of the fireplace and was piling an motley assortment of toys and personal items up on the mantel. IMG_2485_DCE_small.jpgThere wasn’t a ton of room for her to work with given the collection of spool candleholders and various other candles, a couple pumpkins, and our resident oil painting. Despite this handicap, she managed to add quite a large amount of extras to the already reasonably full mantel.

When Abigail noticed I was watching her she proudly informed me, “Mommy, I’m helping you…I’m decorating for Christmas!!” She was so pleased that she was able to contribute to the family in a way that she had often seen her Mommy work. (My decorating efforts are feeble at best, but then I didn’t have as early a start as Abigail!)

We took a picture of her finished work which we are terming “Preschool Eclectic”. You may or may not be able to see the details, but some of the components of this particular decorating scheme include Bob the Tomato, a “Duckie” washcloth, plastic squeeky doggie toy, and purple Beanie Bear. Please also note that she cleverly added her last year’s school name tag so that everyone would know who was behind this cutting edge decor!! Try it on for size at your own house if you like!

3 Replies to “Mantel Decor Through the Eyes of a 4 Year-Old”

  1. Bob the Tomato looks like a sun-burned Jack-o-lantern, so maybe Abigail is more timely than she intended to be. BTW, did she ask permission from Jonathan to use his blankie?

  2. For you, Sandy, it’s on the house! Just let me know when you want me to send her over.

    Mom, Jonathan was cheering Abigail on during her decorating session, so for all I know, he offered his blankie as a prop! Maybe he figures if she hits it big, he’ll have his foot in the door too based on his blankie being part of the arrangement!

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