A Fortuitous Mistake

Saturday night I mixed batter for Nestle Toll House Cookies, so we could eat freshly-baked cookies during our family movie night. Bambi was the featured presentation, by the way. It was well-received by the children, and inspired an interesting and healthy discussion about hunters, animals, etc.

But back to cookies: by some mistake I set the oven to 350 degrees, instead of the recipe-called-for 375 degrees. I’ve made these cookies dozens of times, and for whatever reason just messed up. Well, I’m here to tell you that I will never again bake my chocolate chip cookies at any other temp than 350, for this batch yielded the softest, most beautifully-colored, and delightful cookies I think I’ve ever had. It took a bit longer than the 9-11 minutes cooking time in the directions, but the end result was spectacular.

If you’ve never heard how the Toll House Cookie came into being, you’ll enjoy this link. Turns out the original batch of cookies were a result of a “mistake” too!

2 Replies to “A Fortuitous Mistake”

  1. Thanks for the baking tip. Will try that next time.

    We rented The Incredibles this weekend and ended up not letting the kids see the whole thing after we watched it ourselves. Lesson learned about PG+ movies. I think Bambi is a little more up everyone’s alley.

  2. Jay and I saw the Incredibles in the theater and thought it was fantastic. I too was disappointed that it would not be appropriate for our young set. Fun though it was, it wasn’t preschool/early elementary fare!

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