CCGD Concert!

Tonight we attended a beautiful Christmas concert! It was Abigail’s first time to sing at the Meyerson Symphony Center with the Children’s Chorus of Greater Dallas.  The children gave an excellent performance, and we were impressed with the broad range of wonderful music from all six different choirs that sang tonight.  Grammy and Grandy joined us, making the evening even more enjoyable.

It was difficult to take photos inside the symphony hall, but here are a few shots from the evening:

Shot of the pipe organ while we waited for the concert to begin:


Can you find Abigail in this photo?


The combined choirs with the directors in front:


And some close-ups just after:



I love this shot of our little songbird!


3 Replies to “CCGD Concert!”

  1. Mom, for whatever reason in both pictures with you/Dad, Abigail looked completely stunned. I think she was tired…but I chose to pick the nicer shots of you and Dad for this pose!

  2. I know she was exhausted, but I think she looks just fine in the pic you posted, just a little more subdued than in the one with you guys. Besides, in the pic with you, she was smiling for grammy behind the camera!

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