Refurbished Chandelier

A big thank you to my mom and dad who, in November bequeathed to us a chandelier they took down when they moved into their new home; they already owned a cherished fixture which they wanted to hang in its place. I brought the chandelier back to Dallas and with the help of an incredibly cute little blonde, blueberry-eyed boy, removed the lights and covers, and prepared it for painting:


After Nicolas and I painted the chandelier a satin black, Jay found a little piece of molding at Home Depot, which we painted to match the fixture, and a couple of weeks ago he installed the whole thing in our dining room which used to look like this:


And here it is, now with the new light in place:


Admittedly, not much of a make-over has yet taken place in the dining room…but at least we have picked a paint color! It will be fun when the walls in here are red…I am really looking forward to decorating this room!

And, I was so thrilled to find out just how simple it is to paint a chandelier and give it a whole new look. When your chandelier just happens to be free, all you spend money on is the can of spray paint (and the optional molding). Quite a deal compared to some of the other projects we’re involved with around the House of Horne!

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  1. VERY impressive, Trish. It always makes me nervous when there’s a chandelier in a room but no table underneath to keep people from walking into it. I’ll keep my distance until that’s all set up.

    But from one home make-over novice to another, VERY impressive.

  2. That looks very nice! I have a chandelier in the attic that belonged to my grandparents. It has a lot of crystal thingymabobs on it (some went missing, I think) and it is in dire need of “something”. You have inspired me to think about it some more! 🙂

    PS…you look lovely in pink! That is a very good color for you.

  3. Andrew – thanks for the kind words. even though it isn’t visible given the picture i chose to post, there is indeed a dining table. so you can visit without fear of decapitating your handsome self.

    Leslie – thanks to you too, on both counts! I am actually looking for a vintage chandelier to paint and hang in Abigail’s girlie bedroom…they sell for a LOT brand new, but I think it would be so cute to fix up an old one to use.

  4. How nice to see that chandelier looking so lovely in your dining room instead of taking up space in our already overcrowded garage. You and your adorable helper did a great job of refurbishing it!

  5. Very impressive! It looks great. I’m catching up on all things Horne and am also impressed w/ your elliptical find — very inspiring!

    Thanks, Tricia, for your comments on my blog.

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