Exodus Antagonist

In the return from Babylonian exile, the Samaritans played the role of antagonist. Implicit in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son seems to be a comparison between the Pharisees of his day to the Samaritans during the return from exile (via the role of the older brother). That has led me to wonder if the broader return from exile pattern in the Bible has parallels with the Samaritans. In thinking about the exodus from Egypt, it suddenly hit me that the Philistines were just that. They were in the land while Israel was in bondage, and then sought to thwart the Israelites as they laid claim to the promised land.

I guess the main reason I had missed the correspondence (assuming it is right) was that the return from exile, if the Philistines are to be given such a role, extends up to the kingdom era (i.e. through the books of Samuel).

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