New Digital Camera

We have finally replaced the durable camera I’ve used since my freshman year in college with a Canon PowerShot G2. When we put up a new album, we’ll link it with an entry here. Use the “Photos” category link to the right to access older albums.

3 Replies to “New Digital Camera”

  1. Jay, last year I purchased the Powershot A20 to use strictly for the web. I love it and it works fine for that purpose. I’ve always had good luck w/ Canon products. I’m sure the G2 is a very nice camera.

  2. You know, I almost bought an A20 last year as well, but decided to hold off a year until we could afford to go with a camera for print photography as well.

  3. Jay, if my experience with the G2 is any indication, you’ll love it! We realized a while ago that since buying our G2 last December, we’ve taken over 1400 pictures! That from two people who had trouble finishing off two rolls a year on our 35mm point and shoot. In addition, a decent color printer with glossy paper will leave you scratching your head to figure out which prints were developed from film and which were digital!

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