802.11b rocks! I’m posting this from a friend’s house who recently added an access point. I had to bring my laptop to work on some stuff with him, and here I am, on the net using his cable modem after all of, oh, 20 seconds of setup.

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  1. It’s a wireless LAN protocal. Jay’s friend can wander the house with his laptop and surf the web without ever plugging in. I will have a 802.11b network the day after Adelphia installs my cable modem. Of course, I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for the cable modem…

  2. great, unless you want other people sniffing your traffic, spreadsheets, etc. ok, it’s the future. but this protocol is still in its infancy, and that means it’s fair game for 16 year old rats with wi-fi cards. i just got a card for my laptop, and…let’s just say it’s amazing what can be picked up when you drive around industrial areas with it.

  3. Granted… I’ve heard even the 128 bit WEP can be broken in about 2 hours. So there is still work to do. But I have never encountered a new technology that so effectively lived up to the hype. I’ve been using it in my house since last summer. Absolutely awesome!

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