Moving to Movable Type

I’ve decided to port to Movable Type given it’s ongoing support and recent addition of categories. It doesn’t matter all that much for cogito ergo blog, but my cms is quite central to Theologia and other work I may do. Thus, I’m using my blog as a means of cutting my teeth on MT.

I’ve still got a ways to go on the format, etc. I decided to do this initial port using a default template.

3 Replies to “Moving to Movable Type”

  1. Jay, does it tell you when someone posts a comment?

    BTW, I put myself for notification on the Tuttle blog but then received no notification.

  2. Mark, there are two layers of notification. In the blog configuration, there is a prominent “notification” button to the left. This is a notification when new content is posted (I don’t think the notification goes to the author). If, however, you press the “blog config” button, there is an option under “preferences” to receive notification upon new comments being posted.

    It seems to work, since I got an email when you posted this comment. I don’t know who the notification will be sent to beyond the originator of the blog.

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