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As it turns out, one of the challenges of a shared blog/homepage is the potential for divergent ideas regarding the look and feel. I’ve therefore added a bit of functionality to allow each user to choose from a variety of styles for the site. Just select a style from the list at the top of the navigation column to the right, and as long as you allow cookies, the style will stay with you throughout the site. Though the list of supported styles equals 2 right now, keep a close watch because “Blue & Green” will be released shortly.

6 Replies to “Choose Your Style”

  1. Jay, thanks for writing about this. I, of course, was intrigued and had to see how you did this. After a little research, I implemented this on my site as well, although not with the sense of style and color-coordination you have shown yet…

  2. By the way, Jay, was it intentional to have the initial appearance of the site be black and white and use simple borders and the default browser font? That’s how it shows up when I first visit the site from a new computer or browser until I choose a style. I ask because it looks sharp, in a Spartan sort of way…

  3. No, Rollin, I don’t think it was a fluke. If the cookie isn’t stored yet, it seems to only load the persistent base stylesheet which has no color or font info. It does not go on to load the preferred stylesheet as it should. To work around this, I’ve added color/font info to the persistent stylesheet. I, like you, however, was quite taken with the black and white version, so I added it as an available style.

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