Little House Guest for the Weekend

Miss Dixie has joined us just for the weekend.


She is a seven month old yellow lab with a lot of puppy energy. Despite her level of activity she doesn’t knock the children over in her exuberance, merely leaps in the air beside them, reminding me of a playful dolphin, only with fur. And on land. Without fins. Okay, so maybe not so much like a dolphin after all, but hopefully you get the idea.

Such exuberance means it is very hard to snap a good photo of her, especially given my camera’s inability to grab a focus in fewer than 6 seconds, but I did my best. No worries that we will be tempted to fall in love and want to adopt her: she is already spoken for by a family with four children ranging in age from 9 years on down to 2 years. Go figure.


I must add that Abigail is simply beside herself with excitement about a puppy in the house – upon arriving home from school and seeing Dixie her face lit up with happiness. Despite my initial desire to adopt only a dog who was an adult, I am finding myself open to the idea of a puppy again someday. Maybe.

2 Replies to “Little House Guest for the Weekend”

  1. Dixie is really beautiful. She also looks like she’s ready to play! I bet the children are going to miss her sorely when she leaves.

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