Little Goldie Update

Little Miss Goldie is a tired doggie tonight, but she was certainly a hit at her first adoption booth earlier today.


Though a little nervous, she really worked the crowd of people, greeting everyone who came by and usually receiving pats and affection for her troubles. Her section on the webpage (she is third from the top) has been updated with some of the newer photos we took just yesterday, and I do not think it will be long before she has someone come along who falls in love with her.

Until that time, we continue to enjoy her presence very much.


3/31 Update: Goldie’s new owner picked her up this evening. She is renaming her “Grace”…and we hope they will be very happy together.

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  1. Miss Goldie is a very fortunate pooch to have such a loving family fostering her. That’s such a sweet picture with Jonathan!

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