Here is hoping all of you enjoyed a peaceful day of Thanksgiving with loved ones. We spent the day at Jay’s folks’ and had a wonderful time. Given the context of a holiday spent with young children, I felt it was quite relaxed. Kudos are in order for Grammy Ruth on a most delectably succulent turkey: indeed, one of the best we’ve ever eaten!

The Thanksgiving StoryA month ago I purchased this book which I read to the children to give them an introduction to the Thanksgiving holiday. I think it is a fine addition to our library, and recommend it highly. I was delighted to learn it had received the honor of being named a Caldecott Honor book.

It follows one Pilgrim family’s journey from England to America and documents the hardships the Pilgrims endured to make a home in this new land where they could worship God as they felt they ought. It is told simply enough for beginning readers to enjoy on their own, yet also does a great job of not oversimplifying the story. Our 3 and 5 year old loved the book and its beautiful illustrations. Alice Dalgliesh has presented us with a wonderful account of the first Thanksgiving, helping children to gain an awareness of where this special holiday originated, and why we take time on this day each year to thank God for His blessings to us. And truly, there is much for which we are thankful.


  1. We enjoyed the day immensely! The last time you came to our house for Thanksgiving dinner you had to drive about 1700 miles one way — glad this was easier. Yesterday we indulged in one of our favorite perks of the day, leftover turkey. We too are very thankful for all God’s blessings to us, to our children, and to our children’s children.

  2. This book is part of Sonlight’s curriculum. We haven’t read it yet (though it was already on the schedule) because I haven’t found it in our boxes during unpacking yet. I am glad to hear you liked it though.

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