3 Replies to “Still waiting for the rebate”

  1. Here in St. Louis, I have to make do with BestBuy. I would love a Frye’s… Except I wonder if I wouldn’t just browse and then find a cheaper source for what I wanted.

  2. That’s part of why I avoid rebates like the plague, preferring to wait for the item to just go on sale, for crying out loud.

    Favorite except from this article:
    The Better Business Bureau… has processed 51 complaints about Vastech since February 2006. Of those, 49 went unanswered by the company in the past year.

    The BBB considers that an unsatisfactory record.

  3. That’s just wrong. Fry’s should pull their products from the shelves and refuse to sell them until the company has processed all of their rebates.

    I’m certainly no fan of rebates, but I do occasionally buy a product that has a rebate if I’m willing to pay the pre-rebate price and consider the rebate “gravy”. It’s really just another marketing gimic to get people to buy, like “90 days same as cash” (no, it isn’t!) or “0 interest until 2099” (unless you don’t stand on your head and quack like a duck, in which case we back-charge you interest at 35%). Is it a customer unfriendly system? Absolutely. Is it the worst one out there? Not in my opinion.

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