When It’s Time to Change…

Anyone else remember that song from the Brady Bunch way back when?? Loved those singin’ Brady Kids!

Almost a year ago and Abigail and I talked about the possibility of participating in the Locks of Love program. If you’ve not heard of it you can read about it here. Basically, it is a non-profit organization that exists for the sole purpose of helping disadvantaged children who have permanent hair loss due to medical issues. The organization makes beautiful wigs from hair that is donated by individuals all over the US and Canada.  Prostheses of this nature are expensive to purchase, but Locks of Love makes it possible for children who would not normally be able to afford them to enjoy the sense of “normalcy” that comes with having hair again.

Which makes me consider: how many times have I complained about my hair for whatever reason? The idea of not having any is shocking, but many of us, if asked could probably list off several things about our hair that bugs us.

Well, one thing the women in the Horne household are blessed with is LOTS of hair!! And thinking about all those children who don’t have any at all made Abigail and I want to help, so after a few months of growing our hair out to longer than we’d normally wear it, we called a local salon and made appointments to each take off a long ponytail for donating to LOL.  We knew we’d each be losing 10-11 inches of hair so yes, we were a little nervous about the whole thing, but also very excited!!

Awhile back, we took some before shots to chronicle this momentous event:



Well…..today was the day!! You gotta have the shot with her holding up her 11 inch ponytails!!


Abigail was kind enough to take a shot of me preparing to lose about ten pounds, er inches of hair:


And then another:


She really had fun with the camera!! Here she is getting her “shampoo”:


The salon we used made it easy to send our donated ponytails in to Locks of Love: they provided the paperwork, and packaged and mailed everything in for us.

And….when we were all finished….


Isn’t she cute with her new ‘do??


WOW!! I cannot remember when i have EVER had my hair this short!


Note: if you are in the Dallas area, and interested in participating in Locks of Love, the Artistik Edge Salon in Lake Highlands partners with this organization, and will cut and style your hair free of charge if you are a donator. I am happy to tell you their services are not only free, but excellent!! Both Abigail and I received beautiful cuts from a lovely young lady today.

More importantly, it makes us really happy to think about a child somewhere, someday in the not-too-distant future getting their new hair, and knowing we got to have a little part in making that happen for them.


10 Replies to “When It’s Time to Change…”

  1. Oh, my! Shocking, but cute! And the cause is great. I think it’s especially nice that you could do it together. How long would it take for you to be able to do this again, if you ever wanted to?

  2. Wow! My hair never grows long enough to do this, but good for you both. And your new cuts are cute! I don’t remember ever seeing you with hair that short, Tricia!

  3. We all LOVE your new ‘dos! That is really awesome that you got to donate to such a great cause. And, how fun for both of you to share this experience together!

  4. you girls look really beautiful. I love how the cuts frame your faces–you both have such pretty eyes!
    My HEART almost stopped when I saw the difference–WOW, that was a lot of hair.

    Love it, congrats on giving to such a great cause.

  5. I just read the other comments and realized I was totally redundant when I said something about “a great cause”
    Sorry to be unoriginal and boooooooooring!

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