When it rains, it pours

The rain has turned into a deluge, in two senses. First, our situation has seemingly gotten worse, not better, as we’ve dealt with significant illness this past week. Jonathan developed some sort of horrific cough and a fever this past weekend, which lingered for several days. Then on Monday, Nicolas spiked a fever, threw up, and started having horrible diarrhea. Though he only threw up a couple more times (Tuesday night), he continued with the overall problems for a few days. Now I seem to have gotten quite sick… not good.

In this downpour of discouragement, we have seen grace abound, raining down on us in equal measure. We continue to receive wonderful meals from folks at both our church and Abigail’s school, our children are being driven to and from school each class day by others, and we continue to receive much kind concern from all those with whom we interact.

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  1. Jamie and I are constantly amazed at some of the things that befall the house of Horne. But, it is a blessing to see you and your family handle it in the godly way that you do. I know our viewing of this will only help us in the long run. Being freshly married you guys are some good role models. I guess you could say that is just another wonderful gift of God’s grace and provision. Thanks for being the vessels.

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