What to do When You Have a Lake Under Your House…

Both Jay and Tricia have learned the hard way that getting into a lukewarm shower first thing in the morning is a bad thing. Assume the worst if you plunk your half asleep self under that stream of water only to be startled fully – and unpleasantly – awake by water that is nowhere near hot enough to be approved for a morning shower. This happened to us again, today. Ugh.

So, in order to add some humor to what we are not finding a humorous situation (let’s just say we had other good uses for that $1000 deductible we’re going to get to throw out the window now)…here are a few things perhaps we can do to make good use of the lake that is now underneath our house (a pier and beam) after a pipe or something burst, thereby flooding our crawl space with several inches of water:

* buy a few goldfish, and maybe a turtle or two and tell the kids they have the biggest fish tank in the neighborhood

* pretend we got to get away to the lake for spring break after all: just throw a rubber dingy and an oar down there and paddle, paddle, paddle our way to fun times

* Jay and the kids would have also loved to go fishing over spring break – well, now they can! we just pull out the fishing poles and let the kids fish through the crawl space for fun!

* view it as a wonderful learning opportunity for my little scholars – a nature study right under our house! chances to observe flora and fauna of the aquatic variety (think algae and frogs?), maybe even earn extra school credit!

* instant swimming! the kids keep asking me when the neighborhood pool will open up, and I have grown tired of saying “two months still to go, guys!”. well, now they can suit up and have themselves a little swim and not even leave the house! and no entry fee to boot!

Note: I must credit Aunt Sandra with providing inspiration for this post. Thanks!

3 Replies to “What to do When You Have a Lake Under Your House…”

  1. I assumed at first that the flooding was related to all the rain, which wouldn’t have been surprising at all. So sorry!

  2. I echo what Ruth said (in fact, I raced back early from work on Tuesday to salvage what I could of my rapidly-flooding garage and home office).

    So you had another water heater explode on you? Is Jonathan putting M-80s in the pipes again?

    Seriously (if that’s allowed here)… bummer.

  3. hi jay and tricia!
    i finally made it to your blog 🙂

    i’m so sorry about this, but i love the humorous attitude you’re taking towards everything. i like the nature lesson idea. surely there’s some extra credit floating around down there somewhere.

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