What Have We Been Up To?

Not much blogging going on lately…don’t know exactly why, but I haven’t felt in the mood, I guess. We’ve really enjoyed the comments and discussion under the Garage Gleanings entry…thanks, Everyone, for your thought-provoking notes.

By way of quick update, and in no particular order of importance, here is some of what has been going on around House of Horne:

* Abigail’s spring ballet recital

* Lots of unpacking and clearing of spaces (and yes, there is still much more to be done!)

* Soccer games

* Dinner and visiting with new neighbors

* A couple of very nasty colds

* Celebrations of my 35th birthday

* Praying for and grieving with this family over their heartbreak and loss

* Gearing up for the last month of school

* Fleas

* Covenant’s Spring Fling

* Coloring on the living room couches with permanent marker (only one guess as to who is responsible for this mess!)

* Poison Ivy

* School projects and presentations

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