Vacation, part 2

When we last left our intrepid vacationers, it was Thursday, December 29, and order was gradually being restored to the House of Horne, though I was once again laid up on Flexeril. Let’s roll tape, a bit later in the day…

Thursday, Dec 29: The phone rang, breaking the (drug-induced… at least in Jay’s case) peaceful calm. My parents delivered the news: Nicolas had started throwing up. After cleaning him up, they brought him by our house. We strove to help a very sick little boy make it through the night, as he vomited a bit more and then spiked a fever, developed a cough, and was generally restless until the wee hours of the morning.

Friday, Dec 30: Nicolas seemed to bounce right back come morning, leaving two exhausted parents in his wake. Now comes the really odd part of the story. In the years that Tricia and I have had children, I have proven impervious to pink eye. The whole family has caught it numerous times, but I have remained untouched. Lo and behold, by Friday afternoon it had become clear that I had a bad case of pink eye which I caught… while bedridden???

Saturday, Dec 31: I woke up to find my right eye glued shut and in pain. Off to CareNow, where I got a prescription for some drops. On a high note, my back was feeling a bit better, and no one was showing signs of a relapse. However, Tricia and the baby continue to suffer from thrush.

Addendums and Corrections: In the previous entry I gave the wrong impression regarding Christmas dinner. It was in fact Aunt Sandra who largely took over the kitchen and brought us in for a smooth landing around the dinner table.

Beyond that one incident, my minor mentions of help we’ve received along the way do not do justice to the love that others have shown us over the past week and a half. I feel a stand-alone entry is in order for such thanks, however, so I’ll merely leave our faithful readers with this teaser of an entry to come.

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  1. Thanks for the correction, but it should read “It was in fact Aunt Sandra and Aunt Jamison who took over the kitchen and brought us in for a smooth landing around the dinner table.”

    And don’t forget Uncle Andrew who carved the turkey into chunks! Kidding Andrew;) Just wanted to set the record straight. Glad everyone is feeling better. And rest assured there are no signs of the Horne stomach plague down here in Dallas. Nothing can keep me from Longview!
    Happy New Year!

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