Update on the “Office Remodel”

Thank you, faithful readers, for your patience with us as we bring you semi-weekly installments of the progress on the little office Jay is slowly creating in the corner of our bedroom.  Our first Horne Improvement episode of this particular series can be read here. And last week I shared the second episode with you.  Admittedly, this office remodel does seem to be dragging on.

Yesterday I decided that we’d waited long enough for the whole thing to get finished, so we brought in some professionals.


Pretty cool gig for them in these economic times especially!! That short one doesn’t even feel the need to spring for work clothes, apparently!

I’m here to vouch for the fact that expertise in painting directly correlates with the amount of clothing worn. In other words, if your painter shows up half naked, you’d be well advised to find yourself another guy for the job!

Well, after painting over the not so attractive streaks created by the littlest member of the crew, I think the wall is looking pretty great!


It’s ready for the carpenter to go to work and build the desk!

2 Replies to “Update on the “Office Remodel””

  1. Hmmmm… Did he catch and reprimand you for painting without a smock before or after his half-naked painting? Maybe he’s turning your liberty into his license?

  2. Before! After big brother requested to help paint, Josiah wanted in on the action, too! As you can see, I did not require him to wear a smock either. But given his attire, I figured a smock would be more work than just having to give him a bath (which we have to do almost daily anyway!). I should add that Nicolas’ contributions were truly “help” – he did a great job!

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