Two Year Old’s Prayer

Along with age two comes lots of firsts: running, jumping, singing, talking, gobs of new words everyday. Josiah seems so much bigger now to us, and it’s probably because his language skills are taking off.

With age two has also come tantrums: big, ugly tantrums reminiscent of Jonathan at this age. I am not so partial to these. What I do love to listen to are Josiah’s little prayers, which he insists on saying anytime anyone in the family prays, no matter what the situation. He always says the same thing:

“Deaw Dod: ank-ew da ood. (pause……pause…….pause) AMEN!!!”

For those of you not familiar with Josey-speak that was “Dear God: thank you for the food.” As much as I am delighted to listen to these little prayers, I know it brings our Heavenly Father even more joy.

From the lips of children and infants
you have ordained praise…

-Psalm 8

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  1. Speaking of Josiah’s “gobs of new words,” yesterday when he saw me and noticed my butterfly necklace, he ran up to greet me, excitedly pointing and loudly proclaiming, “Butt-fly! butt-fly! butt-fly!” It was particularly endearing because now my youngest grandson was speaking the same word I had heard from my first grandson, Calvin, at about the same age, referring to the same butterfly necklace. It thrilled me then and it thrilled me yesterday. And of course in both cases I take full credit for teaching them to say butt-fly!

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