Trick – R – Treat!!

This year the three older kids decided to dress up for Halloween as Superheroes, so little Josiah went along with the theme. Very cool of him, though I am sure he had not a clue as to what a Superman was. This was really his first year to actively trick-r-treat, even though we’ve always taken him along for the outing. It took him only about three houses before he caught onto the fact that every time he ran up a front walk to an open door, the nice adult inside plopped candy inside his plastic pumpkin. Wow, did he ever like this!! It was such fun to watch him run with his little red cape trailing along behind him…

We trick-r-treated with a horde of other families from our neighborhood who gather early each year to traverse the streets all together. After an hour and a half of serious trick-r-treating, we returned home to share candy from our house with the older kids who make the rounds a bit later in the evening. Before the night was over, I had to post a few quick pictures here (mostly for the benefit of some family members whom I know will be checking in for peeks at this year’s costumes!).

Here’s the group altogether, our mighty little superheroes:


Our Lovely SuperGirl:


The Clever and Very Dramatic Spiderman (he stayed in character ALL night!):


Dashing Little Blue-Eyed Batman:


And the cutest Baby Superman I’ve ever seen:


Happy Halloween, Everyone. Boo to you!!

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  1. Too, too cute! Thanks for posting!

    We had a couple of little tykes during the course of the evening who just walked right in under my arm when I opened the door. Their moms were both very apologetic, but I thought it was funny. They were about Josiah’s size, and I think they assumed an open door meant “Come in!”

  2. Okay, that’s cute. I’m especially impressed by the “thwip” fingers that Jonathan apparently maintained all night long.

    (if you’re not aware, “thwip” is the official web-shooting sound effect)

  3. Not only did he do that, he also:

    * Moved his head dramatically from side to side

    * Stayed near any available walls, generally with a hand or even a foot on them

    * kept that arms-out-leg-forward-ready-for-action stance whenever holding still

    * did a lot of crouching

    All this, and he has never even seen a Spiderman movie or read one of the comic books.

  4. Those are some great shots of some great costumes.

    Perhaps next year if superheroes are still all the rage, they could go as the Fantastic Four.

    And it’s good to see how diligent Mookie has been with his sit-ups!

  5. So. So. So. Cute (for the “Baby Superman”) and Cool (for the older superheroes). I love a good theme, don’t you?

    I also love that some of the Superfriends are wearing Crocs. It’s good to be tough, but it’s better to be comfy. ha ha ha ha!!

  6. Oh man…there are no words to say just how adorable your children are. Precious memories, Trish. I imagine these moments sustain you through the tougher times of mommyhood. =)

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