Thankful, Day 6

Today I am thankful for homemade cinnamon rolls that I got to eat with the people I love the most, for the blessing of easy access to even the simplest of medicine — which made Jonathan’s bout with high fever today so much easier for him, and for movies* that make us laugh, cry, and even inspire us.

*If you haven’t heard of Bethany Hamilton, first go read her book, Soul Surfer, (which she wrote at the tender age of 14 – local friends, it’s in our Dallas libraries) and then grab a copy of the movie which was released earlier this year. There is a documentary on the DVD’s extras that is not to be missed which features interviews with this remarkable young lady as well as great footage of her awesome surfing! Our family was encouraged and inspired by Bethany and the way she simply lives out her faith, touching many lives with her story and testimony.

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  1. Please tell me that those large, attractive, yummy-smelling (yes, I have smell-o-vision on my computer, doesn’t everyone?) cinnamon rolls are gluten free. And then please tell me where you found the recipe. Thanks.

    Also, I can’t believe you guys are still sick. What’s going on over there?! Prayers for your quick and full recovery and that of your entire fam! Love!

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