Tales of my Tummy

I haven’t posted a ton about the pregnancy. This is the first pregnancy during which I’ve had a blog (I started writing shortly after the birth of our third, Nicolas) so I suppose I should spend more time chronicling my experiences, but truthfully, there are many days I am so exhausted that it is enough to take care of my family and survive!!

One of the things I still manage to do despite my fatigue is eat. Eat, eat, and eat some more. I seem to be quite hungry these days. Almost constantly. And yet, in a couple months, when I am ready to give birth, and my scales are tipping at 55 pounds greater than what i regularly weigh in at, I will be shocked. Just as I am always shocked at the end of every nine months (nine months and two weeks with Nicolas!). I am not tall (5’4″, and that’s giving me a 1/2″ of grace!) and that amount of weight on my small frame is um, noticeable, to say the least. I look very prosperous while pregnant. Healthy, well-fed, you get the picture!!

So: what does a hungry pregnant woman eat? Almost everything, it seems. Just about every food known to man tastes so delicious these days. I truly think the pleasure of eating is enhanced while pregnant. Just as smells seem to “sniff” stronger, I believe food tastes more flavorful as well. Fresh fruit tastes like nectar come directly from the door of heaven to me. I consume tons of it every day. Peaches, grapes, watermelon, and cherries are my current favorites. Perhaps in the heat, they are some of the most satisfying and delightful things I have found to eat. But then, meat is high on my list of preferred food lately as well. Steak and grilled chicken, and pork ribs….YUM!!

What does a snack look like these days? Keep in mind that my non-pregnant self doesn’t really snack much, or even feel the need for it. But for me, while gestating, snacks are a must. Pregnant women’s insides start doing strange things when the tummy is empty. So, this afternoon it was (for you, Rita!) a toasted piece of wheat bread spread thickly with gooey, melty peanut butter and a tall glass of icey cold milk. Oooh, delicious. That used to be an entire breakfast for me, now it’s just a midday snack!!

And I actually ate two bowlfuls of ice cream the other night while we watched a movie (Hotel Rwanda, if you’re wondering. Very heart-wrenching, but a good movie and one worth seeing). Jay’s jaw dropped when I came back with the second bowl (it was Bluebell’s Tin Roof, a flavor some friends introduced us to the other night, and I am lovin’ it!). And we wonder why I gain 50+ pounds with each child!! :-O For those who might be curious, Tin Roof is vanilla ice cream with a rich chocolate fudge swirl and roasted peanuts dipped in semi-bittersweet chocolate. Quite delectable. And good for you too: besides the obvious dairy component, did you notice there are peanuts in it??

Other favorite snack items include apple slices with peanut butter on them, wheat thins by the handful, grilled chicken with avocado slices on tortillas, tall glasses of orange juice, and lots of cold, cold milk. I do not often crave “junk” foods, or even sweets, per se, though I do have myself a sweet thing each evening (brownies are a favorite!). But I do not spend time each day stuffing myself with potato chips and cookies. In fact, most of what i eat is actually very nutritious, good food. But eat a lot of anything, and it starts to add up on one’s scale.

Ah well, it is a season of life. One I am really thankful to be able to experience again. And during this time, I am truly grateful for good fresh food and a healthy baby to feed. And for the ability to eat when I am hungry. These are certainly things never to be taken for granted. So, here’s to food!!

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  1. Tricia, Just reading this entry made me regret not having peanut-butter-toast for breakfast. But as you point out, there’s always an afternoon snack to look forward to.

  2. Hey, reading this made me recall my birthday dinner the year I was pregnant with Lydia. We went to Outback Steakhouse and I gorged. I mean “to the gills”. I ate a whole rack of ribs, the entire salad, the stuffed baked potato, dripping with buttery goodness. And since it was my birthday, they brought me a huge hot fudge sundae and sang to me. They also brought 4 or 5 spoons, so we could all have some. Let me tell you there was no need for the extra spoons. They still tease me about it to this day……It was so yummy, though!! And usually my pregnancies are frought with morning (and evening and noon) sickness for most of the 9 (or 8 or 7) months, so this was something special. Right? Well, anyway…..

    Good post!

  3. I’ve never tried just the toast and peanut butter, but I love peanut butter and honey sandwiches made on toasted bread. Got the same great texture contrast going on, but more sugar for my sweet tooth.

  4. Rita, thanks for visiting. I will always think of you now when I dine on PBToast!

    Angie, your recounting of steak yumminess has me drooling over the idea of a red meat supper with all the trimmings!

    John, I’m a “toast the bread for my peanut butter jelly sandwiches” person too. And the other morning, on top of my peanut butter toast, I drizzled (gasp!) a teensy bit of pure maple syrup! Very delish!

  5. I am also feeling the intense delights that come from a good meal. Here’s one for you… after a 1/2 mile hike to the top of mt. kearsarge in New hampshire, we stopped for a 3 p.m (can you imagine how starved I was!!!) lunch at a little diner at the bottom of the mountain that serves fresh lobster rolls on toasted and buttered bun. French fries, cole slaw finally followed by chocolate cream pie. Food has never tasted so good. Nils sent me to this entry since he notices my intense enjoyment of all things edible in my current condition. Do you know who you have in there yet?

  6. Araceli, hello! and thanks for stopping by! I’d have gladly joined you in your lobster roll lunch! I’m happy to know you are also enjoying food so much these days! To answer your question, we know that Baby Horne is a boy after several very clear sonograms. We are looking forward to our third little guy around here very much! And we are so thrilled for you and your growing family!

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