Sticky Start to the Day

While checking my blogs just now, and eating my morning peanut butter toast, I had a little mishap. I dropped my toast, and watched it flip around and around as if in slow motion, until it gracefully landed butter side down on my toes. While I hate to waste that precious peanut butter, you will probably be happy to hear that I refrained from licking my buttered toes.

5 Replies to “Sticky Start to the Day”

  1. My first thought was “Oh no! Her toast landed upside-down on her keyboard!” Be thankful — toes are probably easier to clean. (And yes, I’m thankful you were able to let the peanut butter on your toes go to waste.)

  2. Ruth, I thought the same thing.

    And Trish, I don’t think Daisy would have shown that kind of restraint. Good for you.

    Mark: just don’t mention the %#@&board.

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