Red Truck Recap

The summer of 2001, we moved into a new home, leaving behind some rather cherished work done on a couple of rooms of our previous house. So we went to work in the new house, starting in the nursery. Now, lest one get the wrong impression, us going “to work” is a pleasant euphemism for a process that often stretches into the months. Perhaps this will change when the children are older, but we have a rather deliberate pace these days. Thus, for instance, the curtain rod I made about 6 months ago is still not installed in my daughter’s room (though I did install and finish the chair rail in a more timely fashion).

trucks_mural_small.jpgBut I digress. In October of 2001, we discovered to our surprise that we (as in, Tricia) were pregnant again. The nursery didn’t get finished out until shortly after the new year (of 2002), and Tricia was rather appalled that Jonathan was going to immediately have to move into an unfinished room. So she went to work around her 5th month of pregnancy on drawing, painting, redrawing, repainting, etc. Jonathan’s big boy room. She was trying for a design that matched the quilt he will use on his big boy bed one day (that red truck design from Pottery Barn, for those of you who know it… have I mentioned Tricia had also discovered around this time that one’s dollar could go a lot farther on eBay than actually in the store?).

She completed the room about a month before Nicolas arrived on the scene this past summer. At the time, I was still blogging on Cogito Ergo Blog, which didn’t have quite as much family related material, so I never made mention of her accomplishment. Well, I’ve decided it is high time I rectify this injustice. I have stitched together photos of the two main walls for your viewing pleasure: wall one and wall two.

Like the photo included with this entry, you’ll see some odd artifacts from the stitching process… this was my first time gluing multiple photos together. But hopefully it doesn’t detract too much from the fantastic job Tricia did with the painting. I suppose I should have included a picture with the quilt, but you’ll just have to take my word for it that the walls match exceedingly well.

3 Replies to “Red Truck Recap”

  1. Jay, I’m impressed with the “panoramic” photos, but next time why don’t you try including Jonathan in each of the parts — you know, have him on the changing table, in the crib, and on the “big boy” bed all at the same time. That would REALLY be impressive.

    Of course, saying that Tricia did a super job is a gross understatement.

  2. I think both of you did a great job. The painting looks great, such labor of love. The glued photo looks real, but keep your day job however 8-).


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