Martha Would Frown

As I was making preparations for this evening’s supper (we were having company) it dawned upon me that while I had thought through providing a balanced meal in the sense of many food groups, types, etc, I had not taken much time to consider the colors involved. Imagine my mortification when I realized everything I was planning to serve was either yellow or orange!


Martha would be horrified. Thankfully, our guests, Miss Randa and Mr. Garrett (or Mr. Carrot as Jonathan calls him!) were not quite as critical! Thanks, guys!! But just so you can picture it, here is what we had:

Chicken Enchiladas
Sweet Potatoes
Corn Chips/Salsa
(I know Mom, there’s no green vegetable, but I couldn’t think of one which went nicely with Mexican…and my kids won’t eat salad, but they love sweet potatoes and cantaloupe!!)

At any rate, can you envision this amalgamation of yellow-orange screaming with brightness all over our dining table? Which incidently happens to be covered by a yellow cloth and decorated with — oh no!! — DAISIES!!! Horrors!!

5 Replies to “Martha Would Frown”

  1. Hello “Shell”…nice to “blogmeet” you. Kids tastes change with time I find…what was unfavorable yesterday might be ok today and vice versa. My kids are not what I would call highly impressive vegetable eaters, but sweet potatoes happen to fall on their “favorites” list!
    I like all those except chilis which don’t agree with my tummy…but again, kids and actually husband too in this case won’t touch peppers or guac. Sigh…. Good ideas!!
    Thanks…I know your kids are wonderful veggie eaters. Does Parker eat green salad too?

  2. I usually serve zucchini with mexican food. Your kids don’t like guacamole?? Kathryn LOVES it! (we use it to dip cheese quesadillias)

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