Irish Ditty

Does anyone remember the lyrics to that Bennigan’s radio commercial that played a few years ago? It was an Irish sounding guy singing something like: “I found 10 bucks in the pocket of my jeans…”. Very catchy tune, but I can’t recall how it goes.

Well, yesterday I put on a pair of jeans shorts that I haven’t worn since my last pregnancy (3 years ago) and I put my hand into one of the pockets only to pull out… guessed it: $10!!! As these jeans were washed before being put away, but likely hung to dry (you don’t want any more shrinkage than is absolutely necessary with maternity wear!), the ten dollar bill was crisp and clean, but a little wrinkled. Still perfectly good, though. Now, what shall I do with my newfound treasure??

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  1. The wolfhound was a guest. Sid looks nothing like that.

    Trish, I only remember that line from the song as well… but given the hideous nature of the fake-Irishness of those ads, I can’t say I wish for a better memory.

    So have you spent it yet?

  2. Sorry for the tardiness in replying, folks!

    Angie, we really should go shopping together for those long-awaited bikes. Though I am getting so unwieldy these days with my 26+ pounds of baby, that I’d likely get myself in a terrible scrape were i to set out on two wheels!

    Matt, the dog you see me with is Samuel. He is a fixture (and greeter of guests!) at an awesome getaway we’ve visited in Oklahoma known as Shiloh Morning Inn, where this pic was taken. I cannot recommend it (the inn) highly enough. The food, hospitality, setting, amenities and beautiful country are well worth the trip. My travelling buddy was pretty awesome as well!

    Hi Peter! surely I have spent the $10 somewhere. Though not on anything too specific.

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