Can we say “NESTING”???

In some of my “spare” time lately, I’ve been cooking and freezing meals, hoping to stash up a nice amount of food for after the baby comes, so that when we are in the midst of wakeful nights, and lots of feedings, and just the exhaustion that comes from having a sweet newborn around the house, I will not feel much need to spend time preparing food. Along the way I’ve logged what I prepared into excel so that I do not lose track of all of it . Today I printed out my inventory spreadsheet and learned I have an amazing 28 meals (and by meal, I mean things like a 9×13 pan of lasanga, which is way more than just one meal for our family!) all set to go! Wow!! Here is what they look like in my garage freezer:


I do not think much more will fit in here, do you?? Some of this food is from a class at Super Suppers a couple weeks ago, which I tried for the first time. I’ll let you know what we think of it AFTER we taste some of the food! But it was definitely a fun time with friends, and I put together twelve meals in just a couple hours. The rest of this is soups, chowders, casseroles, meatloaves, lasagnas, and other meals that have been all prepared, minus the final cooking. To say I feel a sense of accomplishment over the state of my freezer is an understatement. Indeed, I feel rather like a mother squirrel storing up for winter!!

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  1. Hi Tricia,

    I did a similar thing before Felicity was born on Scott’s urging and it was a great blessing.

    I have also done a Super Suppers assembly a few times and the meals have always come out very tasty.

    When is the little one due?


  2. kim, i have wondered if you were a lurker forever! how lovely to hear from you! i’m glad you liked your super suppers, that is great to hear. we are definitely looking forward to trying ours.
    baby is due Friday, but it looks like he is going to come on Thursday if not before: i saw the doc today and my bp is up, not dangerously high, but still higher than ideal. some other special considerations with this pregnancy combine with this to make an induction of sorts fairly welcome and probably a very good idea at this point. so we are in the home stretch!

  3. Good job, T!
    I am most impressed with your resourcefulness. During the home stretch with my last little one, cooking was the LAST thing on my mind! So I am most proud of your efforts! Bravo! Bravo, indeed!!

    If you were a mother squirrel, your cheeks would be tired by now! (Esp. with 28 meals crammed into them!) ha!

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