All our sweat and work to start our garden was not in vain. Here are some pictures of a few of my tomato babies…I’m still working on trying to get the lighting right indoors…





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  1. Very cool. And very cool shots. Especially the first one. Garden bounty is awesome.

    Here is an unasked-for tip that might help with the lighting: When I’m taking pictures of food on my counter top, I grab a roll of white paper towels and sort of unroll the roll a few feet while it’s standing up (don’t know if I’m describing this well)–sometimes I have to prop the free end up with the coffee grinder (we’re so professional around here). And then I set the food in front of it. So the background is all white. This helps with the lighting in my always-dark kitchen (I don’t have very good window action). And, inevitably, I have some sort of horrid background scene going on, like dirty dishes or counter tops or stacks of papers…you get the idea. But you don’t seem to have that problem! 🙂 For what it’s worth, Amy George has THE BEST KITCHEN for photography. Very light and bright.

    Sorry for the long comment!

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