The Wedding!

And what a wedding it was! Congrats to the beautiful bride and the handsome groom…and more later on all the festivities, when I have time, but I wanted to at least share a picture of the wedding party (taken with our video cam, so it’s not the best shot) just to prove the event has taken place:


Oh, and one more, taken in the gardens just before all the ladies and gents and children were introduced at the reception. The lovely brunette in the brown dress in this pic is the family photographer extraordinaire, Katie, some of whose photos we hope to share with you soon!!


We’ll be back soon, but for now: Aunt Sandra and Uncle Keith, have fun in Greece!

Upated to add: Katie’s wonderful photos from the Wedding Weekend are now up on their shutterfly site; you can view all 371 here!!

5 Replies to “The Wedding!”

  1. What a wedding indeed! What a blast. It was great to see so many out-of-town family members, and in such an elegant (yet fun) setting.

    Trish, you and Jay were instrumental in pulling this off! Thank you for opening your home — repeatedly — to the family invasion. Nice toast, too.

    My lovely brunette will be sending up her Shutterfly albums this week when they’re ready; we’ll keep you posted.

  2. What a wedding! I have a better understanding of eschatology and the wedding feast of the Lamb for having attended. Truly a memorable, joyful experience.

  3. Hey, your video cam shots are way better than any of the ones that I got…I was too short to get a good one and the wedding photog was in every one of my pictures!

    Yay for marriage–it’s a very wonderful thing!

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